What Services Are Covered Under Basic Dental, Major Dental and Orthodontic?

Basic coverage typically includes:

  • Ongoing care and maintenance of teeth, roots and gums
  • Diagnostic services – exams, radiographs, X-rays and tests
  • Preventative treatment – polishing, scaling, oral hygiene instruction, pit and fissure sealants, and space maintainers
  • Minor restorations – fillings, prefab crowns for primary teeth, and other services completed in conjunction with minor restorations
  • Endodontics – root canal therapy
  • Periodontics – treatment of gums
  • Denture maintenance – relines and rebases
  • Oral surgery – removal of teeth
  • Adjunctive services – anesthesia, medications and pain relief

Major Dental typically includes:

  • Crowns and onlays
  • Dentures and bridges
  • Related items such as posts, pins and denture-related surgery
  • Replacements when the existing appliance is five or more years old
  • Appliance maintenance – denture relines and rebases, denture or bridgework repair

Orthodontics usually covers:

  • Ortho-exams, X-rays, diagnostic radiographs and casts
  • Braces and retainers (limited to children between the ages of 6 and 18 when treatment begins)

Some providers may offer different benefits under Basic, Major and Orthodontics. Please consult your plan advisor for complete details on what your specific plan covers.

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