Financial Fitness Test

How many weeks of your typical retirement month are FULLY funded by your current plans?

• First week only

• Two weeks

• Three weeks

• All four weeks

• I am unsure

Do you have a NEW Life Insurance or an OLD Life Insurance?

• New

• Old

• I don’t know the difference between the two

In case of death, who will get your Life insurance proceeds?

• My beneficiary

• Bank

• I don’t know

If you accumulate as many NET assets in the NEXT five years as you just did in the LAST five years, are you going to be satisfied with your progress at that point?

• Yes

• No

• I don’t know

Is the difference between what you OWN and what you OWE getting WIDER, NARROWER or STAYING THE SAME?

• Getting wider

• Getting narrower

• Staying the same

• Not really sure

For more information please contact Aman Bassi

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