What is Included in a Standard Benefits Plan?

Finding the right plan for your organization can be very challenging.
You can give them a very complex expensive plan, or very simple, easy to use, cost efficient plan.
Most of the Benefit plans can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company and workforce.

Below is a standard plan that is used most often by small businesses

Prescription Drugs; 80% to Maximum $5,000/Family Member
Basic Dental; 80% to Maximum $2,000/Family Member
Professional services; 80% to Maximum $300/Practitioner/Member
Vision Care ; 80% to Maximum $300/Family Member: Every 2 yrs for Glasses plus Eye Exam
Travel Insurance- Emergencies; 100% to Maximum $3-$5 Million depending on different Insurance companies

To help tailor a plan to suit your needs, please contact us at abassi@saysbc.com

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