What keeps employers up at night?

A lot of employers and businesses worry about employee retention. These words may catch your eye if you have or are facing employee turnover with the cultural shift in labor market, those days are gone, when you can jut give your employees a drug card.

Benefit plans are more than just a drug card; it is about the health and wellness of your employees. It’s about going beyond the benefits plan to exceed the needs of your employees. The questions you need to ask are;

  • How well do your employees know their benefits?
  •  Are your employees well educated on their benefits?
  • Are a majority of your employees covered in the areas they need?
  • Does your employee have a sense of security in case they are critically ill or disabled?
  • Do your employees know what to do for emotional and mental support?

Think of the increase in value and confidence an employee feels once they truly understand their benefits, and what is covered.

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