When your situation changes there are plans just for you

If the health coverage provided by your employer is about to end or has recently ended,there are many plans that can be designed just for you.

Theses after employment benefit plans let you continue health and dental coverage without interruption so you and your family can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected from the financial hardship of unexpected health costs.

Features of these plans.

  • No long Health Questionnaire
  • No Blood Test
  • No pre-existing condition clause
  • Everyone is accepted as long as they apply within specified time frame(typically 30-60 days)of termination of Group plan
  • Coverage may or may not be same as your Group Plan.

These plans are for

  • Workers who are retiring
  • Employees who are moving from full-time to part-time and no longer eligible for benefits
  • Workers who have been laid off
  • Workers who leave a group plan to pursue self-employment
  • Workers leaving employment who have an existing medical concerns
  • Overage dependents that are no longer eligible for coverage under their parents group plan

Please talk to your advisor for details


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